Herps of WA

Shingleback/Bobtail/Sleepy Lizard   Tiliqua rugosa

Shingleback/Bobtail/Sleepy Lizard

Tiliqua rugosa

Anyone who has Ophidiophobia read no further...

As soon as Austral spring temperatures started to warm up, Western Australia (WA) was a fantastic place to see many reptiles! My favorites were the Shinglebacks; I found them regularly any where I went and once even right outside my door in town. There was also a close relative to the Shingleback, the Western blue-tongued skink, which I saw a couple of times. I have seen blue-tongued skinks as pets in the US; it was awesome to see them in the wild. 

I also ran into a couple of Western brown snakes - which was a bit scary - and a couple of grass snakes. Also saw a Mulga snake from the safety of the car - I thought it was a large crack across the road not a 2 meter snake and almost did not stop in time to prevent running it over.

I also found (but didn't realize until writing up this post) a legless lizard, the Common scaly-foot legless lizard (Pygopus lepidopodus). I thought it was a snake until I zoomed in on the image to see limb flaps on the back - so not truly legless.

In my last week in the field, I saw my first goanna (Varanus gouldii) which was fantastic!

There were many other herps that were rustles in the bush or heads/tails poking out of some grass that I couldn't see well. All-in-all, it was an exciting first field season in WA!