Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds...

Seed envelopes to count...

Seed envelopes to count...

A good chunk of my field work was trying to collect seeds from plants in my plots. Over all, I collected at least 12,000 envelopes worth of seeds... now we know why I was in the field for 4 months. 

Now it is time to count the number of sees in my envelopes. Ever since coming back from the field in November, I have been trying to make a dent in the pile. Even with some help in the lab, I am still not halfway through. For most plants from the Goodeniaceae family, I pop-out the seeds from the pod and count them by hand as they are large a pretty easy to see (IMG 4). For Arctotheca seeds, I need to palpate the seed mass and feel whether each bit of fluff has a seed (IMG 1). For many other species the seeds are tiny (IMG 2 & 3)and I will have to use a mass-based estimate to "count" the seeds.

Soo... I might have my samples processed by the time next field season rolls around... So far my lab helper and I have done 2,818 envelopes and 78,518 seeds. If we take the average of 28 seeds per envelope I might have around 340,000 seeds by the end of this!

(1) Arctotheca calendula  seed

(1) Arctotheca calendula seed

(3) Pentameris airoides  seed

(3) Pentameris airoides seed

(2) Podolepis canescens  seed

(2) Podolepis canescens seed

(4) Velleia rosea  seed

(4) Velleia rosea seed