Comparing Ecological Journals

While deciding on where to submit my manuscripts, I often ended up on this blog posting. The easy access to the information was always really helpful. I was also interested in other ecology journals besides the top 40, so I decided to look at the Journal Citation Reports for all journals under the "Ecology" category. I was inspired by my previous dive into Shiny in R so I thought of making another very basic app in Shiny. 

I download the journal data from 1997 to 2014 (I was just a bit early to catch the 2015 data) for all 149 journals listed on the InCites website. Then, I created an app that allows you to choose a desired index (Impact Factor, Eigenfactor Score, Total Number of Citations, etc) for a single journal. The points for all 149 journals are displayed and the selected journal will be displayed as a green line. I also added a very basic comparison ability where you can compare 2 journals as green and yellow lines. A table below the figure also displays the exact data displayed for the journal(s).

I do not know what some of the indices are but here is a glossary provided by InCites.

Check out the mini-app below and hopefully my Shiny skills will get more refined with time!

Comparing Ecology Journals APP