Herps of the Wheatbelt 2017


Saw many lizards, skinks, and small monitor dragons but no snakes - except in the road. The individual above is a bearded dragon that coated itself in the red dirt for camoflage. I am still amazed I caught a glimps of it before it ran away!


The shinglebacks are always my favorite. I must have seen them two dozen times (not sure if that is the same number of unique individuals though).


I only saw one Western blue tongue skink this year... not sure if it was a bad year from them or if I just kept missing them!


Nearly stepped on this bearded dragon while scouting a new reserve! It blended so well into the granite outcrops of Caron Nature Reserve.


I do not know what species is the lizard in the image above (maybe a monitor) but it was very interested in me while I was working on my plots!

I did not see any of the larger monitors or any snakes this year but I did hear stories of them from other memebers of the crew... maybe next year!