Recent WA Trip

Portal by John Grono. Art installation on Bathers Beach, Fremantle, WA

Portal by John Grono. Art installation on Bathers Beach, Fremantle, WA

Recently, me and one other PhD student took a quick jaunt to the field in WA to repair equipment and place my seed bags. It was a trip with a lot of driving but we survived!

We flew into Perth, picked up our campervan, and drove to Perejori. The next morning we placed my seed bags out and then drove south to Kondinin. We then spent the time repairing some watering experiments.


We even had a scaly helper visit one of the sites!

Common shingleback ( Tiliqua rugosa ) at one site

Common shingleback (Tiliqua rugosa) at one site

We then had some time to kill so we drove to Fremantle, WA (close to the airport but far enough away that everything wasn't too expensive). 

We checked out the WA Shipwreck Museum, the Fremantle Round House (a historic jail), and also a current art installment on Bathers Beach. It was a refreshing break after pushing through field work the previous days. 


We also did some away-from-home working at local cafes. My favorite was The Grumpy Sailor - great food and fun & comfy atmosphere!

We also had a chance to quickly visit to the Fremantle MarketsFremantle Arts Centre (housed in the historic Fermantle Asylum), and Kings Park Botanic Gardens in Perth. 

On our last morning in WA, we had a great breakfast with chai tea at Moore & Moore Cafe in Fremantle. The food and atmosphere were fantastic!

I am looking forward to visiting Moore & Moore as well as more of Fremantle, WA again.