March for Science Brisbane

On Saturday, April 22nd (Earth Day 2017), I joined the March for Science in Brisbane! This was the first march/rally I had been to and I had a great time. 


I met up with 2 other students from the Mayfield Lab and we grabbed breakfast at the Pancake Manor in the city (need some fuel for the march).

After fueling (and caffeinating) up, we headed towards the starting place of the march. There were many lab coats and awesome signs/posters/banners! We also waved 'Hello!' at our advisor, Dr. Margie Mayfield, who we saw in the crowd. What a great occasion to march for science and to show off how nerdy scientists and science supporters are with their crazy signs - I was not disappointed in Brisbane or when looking at pictures from marches around the world. Sadly, I did not make a poster but I would have really loved these Hamilton posters I saw on Twitter!


Then we marched. 


We marched to in front of Parliament. There, we listened and watched science demonstrators and speakers talking about science and how science can and has affected society and individuals in Brisbane and worldwide.

Overall it was a great day! In Brisbane, there were approximately 1,000 marchers. It was a great crowd and it demonstrated the support of localscience communication & education and science informed policy that benefits society as a whole.

The main March for Science was in Washington DC, where the crowds were estimated to be greater than 30,000 marchers with fantastic speakers including Bill Nye, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, Dr. Nancy Roman, Leland Melvin and so many more! Wish I could have been there as well!

 There were about 500 'sister marches' around the world including large crowds in New York City and Chicago (~ 20,000), Berlin (~ 10,000) and smaller crowds at both the North and South poles!

How exciting for scientists, science supporters, and those influenced by science (i.e. everyone) to rally together to support science. Though, this is only the beginning - continue the conversation, share experiences with friends and family, and work on communicating science and all its awesomeness to all!

To end this post, here is a quote from one of my favorite children's books and one that inspired me to pursue ecology. Happy Earth Day!